Welcome to matt's corner

I'm breaking loose of the chains causing me pain, and remembering the organic fun and curiostity of my younger years online. I'm so glad you're here!

One thing I have always wanted to build up is a link directory, so hopefully you'll take a look at that while you're here. I'll also add my own pages to it, so you can browse things all in one place.

A Quick Note

Like a lot of people, I've grown really tired of mobile/social/monetise-this/monetise-that. I'm not especially taking in to account mobile visitors here, so my apologies if you can't actually read this and the whole thing looks shit.

I'm also going to avoid putting a date on anything. You know the drill. You see a date over 6 months ago and assume it's stale. Always looking for that new aren't we, crackheads?

For The Shallow Browsing Among Us

Don't want to dive in right now? Here's some headline goodies.

some things I've written:

Some things I like:

Some things I believe:

Some things I'm currently reading: