My Microblog

Here be small posts of interesting (or pointless) thoughts or notes that I want to share. I'll be following my no-date rule, so unless you're really poking around, you won't judge the words by their age.




RSS Reader ideas

I'm thinking of building an RSS reader, to show my love for open feeds and to play with the idea of feeds in general. I wouldn't want to follow existing UIs though, something unique. If you've always wanted a feed reader to perform in a certain way, reach out! (lrb the-at-symbol

Rider .NET 6 Support Released

JetBrains have released a new version of Rider, with .NET 6 support (inc hot reloading!). I've been waiting all week as I've started a new project and had to spend a few days in VS 2022 - not my favourite environment...

More info here.

Microblog opened

Here's my obligatory first post, promising future posts. I am hoping any urge to share quips and snippets of info will prompt me here, instead of some mind-rotting social network.